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Unique Contemporary Coffee Table for Casual Living Room

Living Room Abstract Living Room Wall Art Photo Also Contemporary Coffee Table With Tiny Planters Centrepiece Ideas Feat Cute Area Rug Unique Contemporary Coffee Table for Casual Living Room

Coffee table is a small table that usually place on the living. In contemporary house design, coffee table no longer shapes like traditional common table. Contemporary coffee table now came with various unique shapes and made from various materials. Good shape coffee table should be combined with nice material for perfection. In this writing, I would like to give some inspiration of some contemporary coffee table design for your casual living room.

Living Room Contemporary Coffee Table Picture With Unique Floor Lamp Feat White Leather Living Room Sofa Furniture Unique Contemporary Coffee Table for Casual Living Room

This picture of a classic coffee table is look so unique. This unique coffee table made from classy black ebony wood material. Then, the table is shaped like pirates treasure chest, simple but looks astonishing in living room.

Living Room Contemporary Glass Coffee Table Photo Gallery With Stylish Floor Lamp And White Shag Rug Also Black Leather Sofa Unique Contemporary Coffee Table for Casual Living Room

Give some decorations which make your coffee table look like real pirate treasure chest such yellow bronze lock, brown pin leather chest straps, and chocolate leather chest grips. Put some navy ornaments such mini navy wooden wind direction. That amazing coffee table pirate chest wannabe will be perfectly combined with fancy white furry shag rug.

Living Room Cool Sectional Grey Leather Sofa Design Feat Contemporary Coffee Table And Chocolate Fluffy Rug Ideas Unique Contemporary Coffee Table for Casual Living Room

The most popular material that is used to build contemporary coffee table is glass material. Now let’s build a unique flawless contemporary coffee table for your modern living room. Choose thick glass as raw material for our coffee table, the glass at least more than ten millimeters of thickness.

The thick glass material aims to give blue quartz inner glass radiant and safety function. Make a pair of same square size glass for top block and ground block. Combine those two square glasses with two L shape glass spacer.

The L shape glass spacer will give unique levitate looks and give a lot of space on the middle for container. Do not forget to grind the pointy edges of your amazing glass coffee table for your safety. To endorse the looks of your awesome glass coffee table, place a fancy white furry shag rug under the table.