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The Most Common Materials for Stair Railing

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A stair will not be complete without railing. Railing makes a stair railing look more beautiful. The most important thing is that the railing can improve the safety of the stair. Railing can prevent falls when you’re climbing a stair. Wood, wrought iron and stainless steel are common materials for stair railing. You are free to install any railing on the stairs in your house.

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Wood is a classic material for stair railing. The picture displayed shows a house with stairs. The stairs connect the first floor and second floor of the house. Cream paint color adorns the inner and outer wall of the stairs. Wood railings and handles make the stairs to have traditional style. With wood railings, the stairs also looks warmer. Long thick carpets lay on steps of the stairs. The long carpets are certainly very comfortable for your feet.

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Meanwhile, stainless steel railing can make the stairs in your house look more modern. Stainless steel railing is also harder and more durable than wood railing. Thus, stainless steel railing can really improve the safety of your stair. The second picture shows stairs with stainless steel railings and handles.

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The stairs have an impressing exposed concrete wall. Black planks are installed on the steps of the stairs, creating a very elegant look. A black table stands on floor near the outer wall of the stairs. Candles and white flowers adorn the black table. There is also a white single sofa in front of the black table.

Stairs with wrought iron railings tend to have artistic look as you can see from the third picture. The third picture shows old stairs of a house. Wrought iron railings help to improve the look of the old stairs. The wrought iron railings have elegant black color. The railings also have artistic and unique design, making the stairs look more beautiful.