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Some Enchanting Fireplace Mantel Designs

Ideas Natural Brick Fireplace Mantel Mixed With Glossy Espresso Shelf And Antique Roscoe Clock Some Enchanting Fireplace Mantel Designs

Fireplace is a must existed stuff in winter. However, you have to decorate your own fireplace greatly in order to make it amazing and comfortable for you. besides making the fireplace beautiful, decorating fireplace also will impress your guests once they visit you. below are some enchanting fireplace mantel designs for your gorgeous fireplace looks.

Ideas Old Style Wall Clock Feats With Clear Glass Screen And Modern Wood Fireplace Mantel Some Enchanting Fireplace Mantel Designs

The first fireplace mantel design is a cool fireplace mantel design with brick wall and some chandles. This design looks classic with the application of cool brick wall surrounding the fireplace. The hole for the fireplace itself is made of black material shaping square. Above the fireplace, there is a floating wooden cabinet to place the chandles on it and some beautiful ornaments like pots and pictures. Near the fireplace are some ceramics placed on the floor along with the fireplace stuffs like fire stick.

Ideas Spooky Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decor With Web French Wall Art And Curvy Flag Garland Some Enchanting Fireplace Mantel Designs

The other fireplace mantel design is classic carved fireplace mantel design. This is a luxurious classic fireplace mantel design in cream tone. The upper side of the mantel is carved and is added with treys. This mantel is also completed with thick mantel base containing two pots on it. On the mantel countertop are some beautiful ornaments like flower, photoframe, and also mini table lamps.

Ideas Amazing Tribal Wall Art Combined With Brick Stone Fireplace Mantel And Soft Lighting Ideas Some Enchanting Fireplace Mantel Designs

Another fireplace mantel design is minimalist fireplace mantel design below the television set. This fireplace mantel is designed with grey color. It seems like two stories mantel with long range of cabinet. The fireplace mantel is square with the television above it. Right in the right and left side of the mantel are two storages that contain two ornaments on them. This fireplace mantel is simple and is suitable for your minimalist home design.

Once you design your fireplace mantel, you have to consider it with your current home design. The reasong is that it is not cool to have different tone of home design with its interior design.