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Outdoor Showers as Cool addition to Home

Bathroom Double Hung Window Picture With Clever Diy Outdoor Shower Design Ideas Plus Single Sconce Lamp Outdoor Showers as Cool addition to Home

An outdoor shower can get you closer to nature. While showering, you can see and feel the nature directly. It’s something that cannot be offered by indoor shower. Outdoor shower can also be a cool addition to your home.

Bathroom Large Fern Plant With Cosy Wooden Armchair Design Feat Contemporary Outdoor Shower And Deck Flooring Outdoor Showers as Cool addition to Home

Look at the first outdoor shower. Although the shower is small, it’s very beautiful. There are natural green plants in the shower. The rain showerhead is uniquely mounted on a tree trunk. The lower tree trunk serves as a place to put soap bottles. On the ground, there is a unique wood deck integrated to a drainage system with round design. The drainage system certainly will help the shower to dry faster. Natural sticks surround the outdoor shower, serving as a fence to provide privacy.

Bathroom Modern Patio Wicker Furniture With Concrete Walkway And Round Fire Pot Feat Cool Outdoor Shower Also Lush Climbing Plant On Fence Outdoor Showers as Cool addition to Home

The second picture shows an amazing outdoor shower in a forest. The shower has lovely wood walls and floor. The wood walls, however, is not too high. While showering, you can still see and enjoy the beautiful scene of green forest. The shower actually also has a stoned wall. A rain showerhead is mounted on the stone wall. Small floating shelf and wall-mount holder for bathing robe completes the outdoor shower. Imagine if you’re showering there, you will get great freshness.

Bathroom Narrow Balcony Ideas Featured Comfortable Green Armchairs With Amazing Outdoor Shower And Dim Sconce Lamp Outdoor Showers as Cool addition to Home

Are you interested with a portable shower stall? If you answer 'yes', look at the third picture. It’s a small shower stall with stainless steel and wood frames. Blackboards uniquely become the walls for the shower stall. The shower stall has interesting zinc doors. Wood planks are installed on the bottom of the shower stall, serving as the floor. Shower faucet and rain showerhead complete the shower stall. Since the shower stall is small, then you can move it easily to another area. You may even place the cool portable shower stall in your garden!