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Minimalist Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Modern Doorless Tub With White Insert Bathroom Storage Plus Green Wall Paint Color Background Also Recessed Light Minimalist Bathroom Storage

Bathroom needs fine storage to manage bathing stuffs well. We do not require a classy storage, but minimalist storage can be a good bathing stuffs storage that makes our bathroom tidy.

Bathroom Monochromatic White Bathroom With Glass Storage Doors Plus Wall Lamps Also Stainless Steel Faucet Minimalist Bathroom Storage

Black high gloss ebony floating cabinet looks good in your bathroom. Install the floating bathrooms stuff shelf on the wall near the shower space. Choose stainless steel modern minimalist shower and faucet. Vacant space above the toilet seat can be placing floating bathroom stuff shelf. Put foliage pot plant to beautify your bathroom. Put the shampoo bottle, wax foaming, soap bottle, milk bath, etc. on the floating shelf.

Bathroom Plain Chocolate Wall Paint Color Background With Decorative Coins Pendant Lamps Plus Retro Teal Bathroom Storages Minimalist Bathroom Storage

Other storage is floating cabinet or small glass closet. We can put this closet near the wash stand. Floating cabinet can be used or towel and other dry stuff storage. Small glass closet can be used for liquid bottled stuff. Hang a minimalist wall mirror above the sink. Install yellow minimalist pendant lamp beside the mirror. Install also towel hanger or towel hook near the wash stand.

Bathroom Small White Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Paired With Brown Striped Shower Curtain Also Wall Toilet Paper Holder Minimalist Bathroom Storage

Choose white parachute curtain for your bathroom window glass. Floating closet cab be has mirror doors. So the floating closet can be installed above the sink with function as a mirror and bathroom storage. It is good to be in small bathroom. We can install small powder light above the mirror cabinet. Put bathroom rug under the wash stand or in front of bathroom storage placing.

High gloss ebony black bathroom cabinet is also design in the sink stand. Cabinet table bathroom looks good with wall mirror above it. So we can make a bathroom table with drawer or cabinet under the sink. Floating closet is good to be in your bathroom. You can storage your underwear in the bathroom. So, you can going out from bathroom with new underwear and just need to use towel pajamas.