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Lovely Vintage Kitchen Island Designs with Warm Impression

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There are many modern people who love vintage kitchen. A kitchen with vintage style tends to feel more comfortable and warmer. To bring vintage style into your kitchen, you don’t have to decorate it with many vintage furniture pieces. One vintage island has already been able to bring interesting vintage style into your kitchen.

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A kitchen island can be considered as vintage if it has been more than twenty-five years. However, don’t choose a kitchen island that is older than 100 years because it will be categorized as classic furniture. The first vintage kitchen island is simple and narrow, but it's still interesting. The kitchen island has metal legs painted in green color. You can see that the paint color is already peeling, creating a more unique look. There are small wood planks on the bottom of the kitchen island. You may use the wood planks as a shelf or footrest. The kitchen island has beautiful narrow wood top.

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The second vintage kitchen island is also small, but it looks more elegant. It’s a dark wood kitchen island with built-in drawers and cabinets. You can find cookbooks, blender, glass jars, bowls and porcelain in the cabinets. The kitchen island also has a napkin holder. Light wood top makes the island look more beautiful. There mango juice in a glass jars on the island. There are also glass and a bowl of grapes. The vintage kitchen island stands on wood floor of a room.

Kitchen Modern Vintage Small Kitchen Island With Wooden Countertop And Plenty Shelving Organizer Underneath Lovely Vintage Kitchen Island Designs with Warm Impression

If you love luxury, then you may prefer the third vintage kitchen island. It’s a spacious brown granite kitchen island in vintage style. The vintage granite kitchen island looks so beautiful. You can find stove, stainless steel sink and faucet on the kitchen island. Potted plant with yellow flowers makes the kitchen island appear even more beautiful. A white laptop is also placed on the kitchen island. The vintage granite kitchen island has built-in storage unit in white color. The storage unit includes drawers and cabinets.