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Interesting Patio Roof Design Ideas

Ideas Beautiful White Patio Roof Ideas Feat Fabulous Outdoor Dining Furniture Sets Design And Picture Of Summer Kitchen Interesting Patio Roof Design Ideas

Patio is an outdoor space that is usually located in a yard of a house. People often use patio as a place to gather with family or friends. Most patios have a pergola that can give them shade from sunlight.

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The first picture shows a beautiful backyard patio. The patio is paved with small concrete tiles. There is a wood table with blue and white striped tablecloth in the middle of the patio. Two wood benches are put on the table. You can also find a brick kitchen with white tiles countertop in one corner of the patio. There are also planters with green plants on the countertop.

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White pergola with concrete pillars provides shade for the patio. The pergola has white painted wood railing roof. Sunlight can still enter into the patio through the railing roof, bringing warmth. Beautiful green lawn beautifies the yard in front of the patio.

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A pergola also provides shade for the second patio. The Pergola has four large pillars. Orange water-resistant cloth covers the roof of the pergola. Thus, sunlight certainly cannot enter into the patio through the roof. Black wicker sofas and chairs decorate the patio. Beige cushion and striped pillows complement the wicker sofas and chairs.

There are two black wicker ottomans in front of the sofa and chairs. There is also a beige rug lying on floor of the patio. Metal railings surround the patio area. There is a beautiful garden beyond the railing. While sitting comfortably in the patio, you can also enjoy the garden scene.

The third picture shows a patio of a house with exterior brick wall. The house also has many glass windows. Interesting wood pergola provides shade for the patio. The wood pergola gives traditional touch to the patio. There are tables and chairs in the patio. Particularly for the chairs, they come with comfortable beige cushion.