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Garden Design Ideas with Wood Deck and Pool

Pool Brick Fence Idea Feat Terracotta Flower Pot In Great Garden Design Plus Bushes And Wooden Outdoor Furniture Garden Design Ideas with Wood Deck and Pool

There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a garden while enjoying the natural view. If there is enough space in your backyard, turn it into a beautiful garden. With our ideas, you'll be able to design a beautiful garden in your backyard.

Pool Green Lawn In Modern Garden Idea Feat White Bench With Cool Greenery Flower Bed And Rich Vegetation Garden Design Ideas with Wood Deck and Pool

I hope you can take inspiration from the first garden design. A rather high wood deck allows you to see natural view of the garden more clearly. There are wood lazy chairs and table on the wood deck. You can also find a dining space with square floor tiles in the garden.

Pool Modern Wooden Fence With Climbing Flower Plant Feat White Pebbles Decor With Metal Bench In Modern Garden Design Garden Design Ideas with Wood Deck and Pool

Round wood dining table stands on the floor. Four wood folding chairs complete the dining table. Green lawn adorns most of the garden’s grounds. Small shrubs grow on the edges of the garden. Wood fences surround the backyard garden, providing privacy. Beyond the wood fences, you can see beautiful tall green trees.

Pool Potted Topiaries In Magnificent Small Garden Idea Feat Wooden Bench Design And Natural Land Plus Ornamental Flower Garden Design Ideas with Wood Deck and Pool

From the second picture, you can see a garden on the edge of a pool. The garden also has a wood deck. There are two big pillows in beige and black colors on the wood deck. There are also two comfortable seats with white pillows. The seats have black color and may be made of wires. A round table with potted green plant stands in front of the seats.

You can also find a kitchen with countertop in the garden. A long rectangular dining table with wood top makes the kitchen space more functional. Black chairs surround the dining table. Black pergola with railing roof provides shade for the garden. Lovely green vines hang on the pergola roof and pillars. Small green plants grow around the garden.

The third garden looks more beautiful although it doesn’t have a wood deck. There is a pool with waterfall and hot tub in the garden. The ground around the pool is paved with red stone tiles. There are also sun loungers there. Decorative stones adorn the area near the pool. Various small plants grow beautifully between the stones. Some plants are even flowering. Evergreen trees surround the garden area. The evergreen trees also serve as fence that can provide privacy.