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Futuristic Wall Shelves

Furniture Awesome Tiered Coffee Table Decorate Fetching Intimate Living Room With Capsize Z Wall Shelves Futuristic Wall Shelves

Living room, bedroom, private library, reading room, even dining room needs wall shelf. We can design our favorite wall shelf and communicate without architect or furniture consultant specialist. Wall shelf has many kind design and material. Wooden, fiberboard, and steel are material that can be used for wall shelves. Match your wall shelf design with your room design. Make the wall shelf as dominant furniture with fine design and do well.

Furniture Classic Tufted Chaise Armchair Combined With Grey Console Table And Trendy Yellow Wall Shelves Futuristic Wall Shelves

Plain white minimalist TV rooms need dominant wall shelf color. Choose your dominant color (ex. : red) for wall shelves color. Install two line red high gloss fiberboard floating shelf on the wall. Under the floating shelf, we can install red high gloss fiberboard cabinet. Put white table lamp above the red high gloss fiberboard cabinet. Put some white unique ornaments to beautify your TV room.

Furniture Cool Red Two Tiers Wall Shelves Combined With Fancy White Table Lamp And Concealed Storage Futuristic Wall Shelves

Gray scale living room need match gray scale wall shelf. Choose unique shape wall shelf with gray scale color combination. Combine the cabinet with floating shelf to become one wall shelf. Color the shelf inside with dark grey colored. Paint the cabinet area with true white color painted.

Furniture Eclectic Chunky Chair Combined With Tropical Indoor Garden Ideas And Fascinating Red Wall Shelves Futuristic Wall Shelves

Install back lighting behind the wall shelf. Choose an off-white leather sofa bed. Put transparent glass living room table. Use grey-brown parquet flooring. Open up grey fur rug under the sofa bed set. Put some unique living room ornaments on the wall shelf. Put some popular books and magazines on the wall shelf.

Wall cabinet and floating shelf combination can be used for dining room furniture. Make a unique shape wall shelf for your classis contemporary dining room. Paint dining room wall with air force blue color. Choose blue-black color for dining room tile. Paint the wooden wall shelf with high gloss white colored. You can manage your tabletops in this vintage white wooden wall shelf.