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Enhance Your Small Bathroom with a Corner Vanity

Bathroom Mahogany Wood Cabinets On Fabulous Corner Bathroom Vanity Plus Elegant Chandelier And Twin Undermount Sinks Enhance Your Small Bathroom with a Corner Vanity

A vanity can make a bathroom more functional. Most room designers even have considered vanity as a very important bathroom fixture. However, a vanity may create smaller feel in a small bathroom. If your bathroom is small, I suggest you to install a corner vanity.

Bathroom Mosaic Wall Tile And Black Urinal With Toilet Feat Futuristic Corner Bathroom Vanity With Mirrored Cabinet And Glass Shelf Enhance Your Small Bathroom with a Corner Vanity

Corner vanity will not take up much space in your small bathroom. By installing a corner vanity, then your small bathroom can still feel spacious. The vanity even will beautify the corner of your bathroom. The first picture shows a small bathroom with beige tiles on the walls.

Bathroom Round Undermount Sink Also Bright Over Mirror Lighting Ideas Feat Wood Cabinet On Compact Corner Bathroom Vanity Enhance Your Small Bathroom with a Corner Vanity

A white vanity decorates one corner of the small bathroom. The white corner vanity comes with white washbasin and stainless steel faucet. It also has a built-in white cabinet with stainless steel handle. A wall-mount cabinet with mirror door pairs the white corner vanity. There is also a wall-mount towel ring near the corner vanity. You can also find a white flush in the small bathroom.

Bathroom Round Wall Mirror With Potted Indoor Greenery Decor Plus Cool Glass Sink And Elegant Corner Bathroom Vanity Storages Enhance Your Small Bathroom with a Corner Vanity

If you want to make your bathroom look more natural, decorate it with wood corner vanity. Choose a wood corner vanity that has white washbowl and stainless steel faucet. Adorn the corner vanity with small potted pink flowers to create more beautiful and natural look.

It's better if the wood corner vanity also has built-in shelf and cabinets. You may use the shelf as a place to store folded towels. Don’t forget that you also need to pair the corner vanity with a wall-mount mirror. Mounting a towel holder on wall near the wood corner vanity is also a good idea.

The third picture shows a bathroom with floating corner vanity. The floating corner vanity has glass top with stainless steel frame. Glass washbowl and stainless steel faucet complements the floating corner vanity. The corner vanity also comes with a towel holder. There is a blue towel hanging on the holder. Artistic artworks hang on walls near the floating corner vanity, creating a more attractive look.