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Elegant Upholstered Headboard to Charm your Modern Bed

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Headboard is a part of the bed that place on the head position for both usage function and aesthetic function. Headboard is built in some kind of shape and material. The most common and favorite headboard is headboard which usually cover with comfy upholstered. In this article, I would like to help you in choosing perfect elegant headboard to charm your modern bed.

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Tufted motif has become the most favorite motif to decorate sofa and bed. Look at this elegant tufted upholstered bed picture. This bed is cover with upholster frame and upholster headboard. Elegant tufted motif are use to decorate the headboard and the footboard. To finish that elegant tufted bed design, soft brown micro fiber materials are used to cover the whole bed frame. A fancy beige tufted bed sheet is perfectly fine to be combined with those elegant brown tufted bed. To balance the color, try to place two pair of beige and brown pillows on the bed.

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Another kind of elegant headboard is a simple pink headboard. As we can see, this bed is cover in fancy upholstered pink frame. That elegant square headboardis built without motif. The headboard indeed looks so simple, but with fancy pink silk cover will make that simple headboard looks radiant.

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The choice of fancy pink color will look elegant with the combination of elegant white silk bed sheet. A thick chocolate stripe on bed sheet will give cheerful aura. Add two pillows cover with white silk pillow sheet to match the color of your elegant bed sheet.

Sometime people choose to install headboard with many kind of shape. Any shape of headboard will look elegant toward your bed, if the headboard has the same color with the bedframe. Upholstered head board also need to be combined with upholstered bed frame. The same material and same color will endorse the charm of your modern bed in your modern bedroom.