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Dazzling chesterfield sofa design for classic living room

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Chesterfield sofa is one of the most expensive classic sofa sell on sofa market. Chesterfield has many aesthetic values from its classic tufted shape, old school shape, and classy high gloss color. These values makes chesterfield sofa become expensive and rare. In this article, I would like to introduce you to magnificent chesterfield sofa design for your classic living room. Chesterfield sofa is famously known on its classy tufted motif. Let’s take a look at this classic tufted chesterfield sofa, the design of this amazing sofa is all tufted. Tufted motif is choose to apply in chesterfield sofa because the origin of this old school sofa was first build in tufted mode.

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The material that is used to build this high gloss ivory red chesterfield sofa is premium leather material. Tufted motif cover almost the whole part of the sofa, the backrest, the armrest, and sitting pad are all in tufted motif.

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The others part which are not in tufted motif are the front armrest, front footrest, back side and arm rest side.The non-tufted sofa areas are created to balance the motif and it’s consider wasted to tufted hidden areas.

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Another classy chesterfield sofa design can be seen in this picture. As we can see, this amazing chesterfield are not build in tufted motif. Rather than use ordinary tufted motif, this chesterfield sofa use vertical stripes motif. The material that uses to build those sofas is premium ivory green leather material, a rare color for leather.

The vertical stripes motifs are applied to decorate the backrest and armrest only. This motif used to emphasize the looks of those chesterfield sofas like glomming flower. That mazing rare green leather color is more than enough to cover the flaws of non-motif sofa areas. If you want extraordinary chesterfield sofa design, this vertical stripes sofa is much recommended.