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Bathroom Vanity with Cool Glass Sinks

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Sink often becomes the integral part of a bathroom vanity. You need a sink to accommodate the water that flows from a faucet. Sink also has decorative function that can make your bathroom look more beautiful. One of the popular materials for bathroom sink is glass.

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Compared with sink from other materials, glass sink usually looks more attractive. However, glass bathroom sink also comes in various designs as you can see from the pictures displayed. The first picture shows a wood bathroom vanity with a very cool glass sink. The glass bathroom sink comes as a big bowl.

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The glass sink surface looks like melon or musk skin. Modern stainless steel faucet pairs the glass sink. There are also lovely white candle near the glass sink. I’m sure that the glass sink will help a bathroom to look more beautiful.

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From the second picture, you can see a black bathroom vanity with two frosted glass sinks. The frosted glass sinks make the bathroom vanity appear so cool. There are also stainless steel arch faucets on the vanity. You can find beautiful white flowers between the two frosted glass sinks. Wall-mount mirror complements the bathroom vanity. I think the frosted glass bathroom sinks will be suitable for traditional and modern bathroom.

The third picture certainly shows more impressing glass bathroom sink. It’s a freestanding transparent glass sink with stainless steel pole. However, the glass sink is also integrated with a floating glass vanity. There are small flowers and round mirror on the floating glass vanity.

You can also find holders for soap and toothbrush on the vanity. A wall-mount large mirror complements the bathroom vanity. There is stainless steel faucet mounted on the large mirror. Well, after reading this article, I'm sure you want to decorate your bathroom with a glass sink.