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Awesome Shower with Cool Glass Doors

Bathroom Bathroom With Small Window Ideas Also Drop In Bathtub And Clear Glass Shower Door Design Plus Corner Wall Mounted Bench Awesome Shower with Cool Glass Doors

Shower is usually integrated with a bedroom. It’s a special place for showering. Most showers have glass doors. A shower with glass doors can make a bathroom look more attractive and even modern.

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The first picture shows a bathroom with beautiful yellow walls. Wood floor tiles make the bathroom feel warm and comfortable. In the bathroom, you can find white washing stand, wall-mount ellipse mirror, wall-mount light fixtures, white bench and stainless steel towel racks. There is a shower with glass enclosure and door in the corner of the bathroom. The glass door has a stainless steel handle, making it look more modern. Light gray tiles decorate the walls of the shower. Wall-mount shower faucet completes the shower.

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The second picture also shows a bathroom with shower. The combination of white and green colors adorns the bathroom wall. Glass window with white frame makes the bathroom appear brighter. White flowers in a white vase decorate the windowsill. White tiles decorate the bathroom floor. There is also a white flush with storage space.

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Two large candles are placed on top of the storage space. Two unique artworks in wood frame hang on wall above the white flush. A small shower with frosted glass door makes the bathroom look more impressing. The frosted glass door certainly can provide greater privacy. It has stainless steel frame and handle. Subway green tiles adorn the shower walls. There is also a wall-mount rain showerhead in the shower.

The third shower also has small size. However, the shower looks more unique because it has curved glass enclosure and doors. The glass doors also have stainless steel holders. Green walls make the shower feel more comfortable and natural. Wall-mount stainless steel faucet completes the shower. The small shower really makes the bathroom appear more attractive. I’m sure that you want to have such shower in your bathroom.