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Amazing Bookcase Ideas for Tidy Book Storing

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Collecting books for some kind of good hobby, this hobby will enrich your knowledge and keep your brain away from malfunctioning. Somehow, collecting books also come with problem of storing its. Some people just throwing away the book after they read it, but some responsible people will tidy them up by storing the book in some cases. In this writing, I would like to help the geeks with some ideas of bookcase design.

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In case you want to bring a library in your house, this amazing metal bookcase is perfect for storing your enormous number of books. Install a couple pair of poles as bookrack holder. Arrange them side by side and pin it from the floor to the ceiling. Make unique U shape metal bookracks with wider flat surface, and pin them to those poles with random arrangement.

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Set the book racks with different level of positioning. Install golden legging for both ground poles and upper poles to add classy value. This model of bookcase is perfect for book reader maniac because this amazing metal book case able to store many book on it.

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Some people love classic from of bookcase, bookcase that looks like wall door less locker. This kind of bookcase is easy to be install, because it like a pile of small square door less lockers in vertical order. Make this kind of bookcase with good wooden material. Classic Beige color is good color to be applied in this bookcase because it will match the room lighting.

Install some drawers. Just in case, you want your classic bookcase that has more function than just book storing. Try to place cabinet in the middle of the bookcase will make the appearance looks elegant and the bookcase looks in balance separation. Put some ornament to charm your classic bookcase with your favorite toys display or some artificial balls.